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why book an overnight kenya train with riftvalley railways,from train scenery,comfort,cheap,reliable train travel journey to kenya coast mombasa

Booking a train ride from Nairobi to mombasa nairobi there are many reasons for you have.How and why to travel by train in Kenya .
The most scenic way to travel to Kenya's Coast through Tsavo National park,Dinner,breakfast on the vehicle cabin,a great and Relaxed view of the coastal approach!!!

1.Adventure & Fun- a Train ride passes through the Tsavo and Nairobi parks offering you great opportunity to see wildlife while on train travel

2.Famous: Its famous for the Man eaters of Tsavo about rail workers and ecounter with lions of Tsavo.
"The Iron snake of Africa"

3.Comfort: You overnight on board while on train offering you refreshing morning after the train travel

East Africa Rail & Harbours4.Antique: Its antique way of travel with great experience of rail and service
"East Africa Rail & Harbours curtlery" The overnight train from Nairobi to Mombasa is one of the world's classic rail journeys as well as a rare colonial gem
5 classic:The trip from Nairobi to the Kenya coast via Kenya Railways “Lunatic Express” is a classic. The overnight train from Nairobi to Mombasa is one of the world’s classic rail journeys as well as a rare colonial gem
6 'romantic' journey -Best Way to Get from Nairobi to Mombasais to
take a flight or bus. That said, some people prefer the train, as it is a more 'romantic' journey try it!
7 scenery
Most of this Railway line traverses through the Tsavo National Park, Kenya's largest national animal park, Famous for its wide range of wild animals especially elephants, rhinos and Zebras. You will experience the spectacular views of the Great Rift valley as the Railway line winds through the escarpment down to the base of Mt. Longonot, Fresh water Lake Naivasha, Mushrooming flower farms and the Flamingo inhabited Lake Nakuru. As You reach Kisumu you are treated to the Kakamega Rain Forest Reserve, A hub for beautiful bird life and indigenous trees.

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